Recording Day 30: Smash Mouth Cover + Ballad Cover

It’s our last day up in the studio and we couldn’t have asked for a better recording experience. The Bathouse has been a great place to spend a month. Our engineers Aaron and Nyles have been nothing short of gentle princes, the vibe inside the studio has been great and we all had a large quantity of fun working on the songs. It seems like just yesterday we rolled in here with nothing but our Hillside Inside waterbottles (three have since been lost) and a dream. That dream was to eat 400 gummy worms (of which Dan had none), 9 boxes of Golden Grahams, beat NBA Jam and make the best Smash Mouth cover album we possibly could. As in any recording process some things change along the way, but we couldn’t be happier with our experience and the album that will emerge from it.

See you soon


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