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New Song – ‘Never Thought That This Would Happen’

About an hour down the road from where we live there’s a beautiful little music festival called Hillside. For over three decades locals have descended to Hillside for music, dancing and friendship. Regulars call it their favourite weekend of the year.

Our new song – the first from the record coming out later this year – owes its origins to that festival. It takes place at some point between Saturday night and Sunday morning, after all the dancing and music has finished.

Never Thought That This Would Happen is a slow burner. It’s more lush and cinematic than our previous material – we even hired a string quartet for the occasion. It has southern sensibilities. It’s a new groove. Tim’s playing like he’s drumming for Outkast. Musically, we’ve found ourselves in uncharted territories, and this kind of exploration usually inspires something fresh.

In many ways, everything we make is a reaction to the last thing we did. Where in the past we sprinted through songs like a 100 metre dash, frantically racing to the next chorus, this time around we wanted to be patient. We wanted the arrangement to breathe.

I write you on April 6, the first sunny day of spring. In true form, Canadians are huddling on patios even though it’s barely above freezing. Hope is in the air! It feels appropriate to release this song, as we know that the summer sun and greener pastures await us all.

Thank you, as always.

Now go, play it loud!


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